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Welcome to Cesar Chavez Academy Denver!

Mission Statement, Pillars, School Creed

The Mission of Cesar Chavez Academy Denver is to prepare Denver’s children for success as young scholars, citizens of the world, and community leaders by providing them with an ambitious academic program in a supportive and challenging learning environment.

The Four Pillars of Cesar Chavez Academy Denver are guiding thoughts for each student, staff, and family member, so that the school’s mission can be accomplished.
  1. We are here by choice – we know that our students, parents and staff choose to be here and choose to take extra measures to ensure student achievement.
  2. There are no excuses – staff, students, and families endeavor to allow nothing to get in the way of student success.
  3. There are no surprises – we strive for open and healthy communication with families and the community about academics and school activities.
  4. No one is invisible – we want to ensure that each student and every family has a connection with at least one staff member, so that they feel like their voice can be heard.
The Creed is a statement that encompasses CCA’s Mission and Four Pillars, and is recited by every student and teacher in a community meeting at the beginning of every day.

“Si se puede.

Today is a new day at CCA.
We see you; No One is Invisible.
Because we are connected, there are No Surprises.
We are Aguilas—college bound.

We are Here by Choice.

In Uniform, we Dress for Success.

We give Respect; and in doing so, we Respect ourselves.

Without Excuse, we are Engaged.
We are Determined to be:
Young Scholars
Citizens of the World
Community Leaders
We are thankful for our students, our teachers, our families.

Si Se Puede.”